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Consumer Awareness Group (CAG) is a South-Florida based digital marketing agency providing a full range of services to help you acquire the clients you desire.

Our comprehensive document management services include:

  • esignature via Docusign, Echosignetc
  • Limited Power of Attorney, Hipaa, Retainers
  • Full document support
  • Document retrieval on demand
  • Mortgage execution, Debt Settlement, Limited Power of Attorney

We leverage both Docusign and Ecosign to manage our clients document requirements.

We also provide compliance tracking to allow you to review the manner in which updates are managed and implemented.

We have special systems in place to keep up with today’s ever evolving regulatory framework. All of our agents are Hipaa certified, as well as registered and licensed in the state of Florida.

Document compliance check by CAG

At CAG we assist companies in the following industries that routinely require the assistance of a document compliance to help them handle client acquisition and customer management:

  • Healthcare / Medical
  • Legal
  • Mortgage
  • Telemarketing
  • Debt Settlement
  • Credit Cards
  • Education

So if you are looking for a company you can trust with full circle document compliance and management within the context of lead acquisition and customer management, contact CAG today for a complimentary consultation.